Not Safe For Work Ch. 04

This story is about a dominant t-girl and her secret girlfriend at the workplace. The full story involves masturbation, blowjobs and hardcore sex at the office, with a little bit of exhibitionism. All of the scenes are consensual.

* * * *

"Do you think they remember?"

Zoey looked at my reflection with an eyebrow raised. I had my arms crossed below my breasts while she was about to put on her lipstick.

"What are you talking about?" she asked putting on her lipstick.

"Yesterday, at the end of the day... Don't you remember? They listened. Or at least I think so."

"What makes you think they wouldn't?" she sighed. "You fucked my ass without lube, Nina."

"Oh, don't say it like you hate it!" I grunted, giving her a light spank. She giggled and kissed me on the cheek.

"Well, you know me, boss. I love it when you fuck me rough. Besides, we've never been caught before, so maybe, at best, we'll just be suspended for a little while, and then forced to attend to one of those stupid seminars. In the end, we only broke the 'no fraternization on the job' rule. All they know is that we only have sex, and not that we love each other. So, cheer up, Nina, will you? It's casual Friday, after all!"

Indeed it was. I've always wondered why this company frowns upon relationships, but are very much ok with outfits like ours...

As Zoey tucked her hair into a very tight ponytail, her breasts puffed a little bit upwards, showing how a tight fit that red off shoulder sweater of her was. She placed her hands on her hips, and asked me how she looked. My eyes travelled from her golden heels through her tight pants until meeting that golden necklace that her brother gave her when she turned 15. All I could do was smile.

"You could even wear your college's football team mascot's suit and still look gorgeous, honey."

"You're trying too hard," she winked.

We both faced the mirror and hugged ourselves at waist height. In contrast, my outfit consisted in nothing more than a tight dress, fishnet stockings and black boots, with a choker around my neck. However, I also had a tight ponytail, but unlike Zoey's, my bangs flowed naturally over and around my face, reaching the tips of my jaw.

My girlfriend reached for her phone and snapped a selfie of us. Afterwards, I kissed her. We grabbed our things and made our way to the subway station.

No matter where you go, you can't escape rush hour. It was a free for all in which everyone fought to get in the train. Afraid of breaking apart in the middle of the fight, my arm kept wrapped around her at all times, as we waited patiently for the people to cool down. In the end, we were very early, so time was on our side.

I threw a couple of glances from time to time on Zoey's breasts. With that cleavage, all I could think of was dripping my juices all over them, just so everyone could see that she was mine.

Not good. The hipster I was wearing wasn't exactly a tight fit, and the mental picture was starting to make me hard. Another train stopped in front of us, but the station wasn't getting clear yet. Maybe we can take the next train could be ours.


I instantly looked into her eyes, and she laughed, grabbing the edge of her cleavage for a moment. She pulled it a bit, letting me catch a glimpse of her nipples for a second before letting them go. She was still smiling.

"Can't you hold it, boss?"

"Not when you're dressed like that."

Our lips met again at the same time another train was stopping. We got in there, and held ourselves on a pole. The wagon was packed to the brim of businessmen and students, the majority of them being either sleepy or just grumpy. Even with eye catching outfits, no one seemed to be interested enough to care about the two slutty office ladies whom wanted to pole dance following the beat of whomever's phone was ringing in that moment.

And, by a fucking miracle, I managed to arrive to the building without my tuck undoing. There was a lot of bouncing during that trip, and we both stared at each other. After all, our breasts are going commando today.

Everyone saw us coming, and they greeted us as usual. There were no weird comments, no unusual looks... nothing. It's as if what happened yesterday didn't exactly happen. That left me confused. It was good that they aren't saying anything... right?

I was confused, and Zoey didn't seem to care. She went straight to her cubicle and started working. I did the same, and started the day.

My face hit the desk when I saw the big pile of paper that wasn't there when I left yesterday. As if being the boss isn't stressful enough, this Casual Friday has been already ruined for looking like a Monday. It's in moments like this when I'm actually glad I'm not a chief officer. The crown must be a heavy thing to carry. The company wasn't doing well.

And neither was I.

I tried to work. I really did. But I couldn't concentrate. Between the doubt of being caught or not, Zoey's tits on my head, and a woman's perfume that is tingling on my nose, I spent the first two hours feeling miserable. All I could think of was in having Zoey laying down on my desk, with my dick between her breasts, and then being caught in the act, suspended and forced to go to one of those stupid seminars, and then be reassigned to another complex so we're far away from each other.

Makes me wonder why I brought my riding crop in the first place...

After coming back with a cup of coffee, a new e-mail arrived to my inbox. The subject read: "this is only for you, boss." The only sentence written was: "I snuck out last night and left you this gift. Is selling quite well, you know."

"What?" I laughed. I was even more confused and intrigued. What did my girlfriend do last night?

The attached file was a video that made me raise an eyebrow. It played first with our logo, and then it showed a shadowy silhouette walking in the dark. As usual, her identity remained unseen; being only recognizable for a more revealing version of the generic uniform we wear. After a smooth transition, the lights were on, and she teased her 34Cs for a while. When she took her shirt off, she revealed a black dildo lodged between her boobs.

"Oh, no, Zoey... you did not..."

That explains why I smelled a woman's perfume once I got in. This was proof that she was here last night.

I didn't notice it at first, but I started to caress my cock as I watched her slowly take off her skirt and her panties. Another toy she brought with her was a black buttplug stuck on her ass. I paused the video and made sure that the curtains were down, the blinds were closed and the door was locked. What Zoey was doing was grounds for punishment. Maybe it was good that I brought the crop with me. Yet I don't remember putting it there.

I figured if I wanted to concentrate, it was best to indulge into one of the things that distracted me. So I sat down and relaxed, as I watched her porn gift. My penis was out of its lair, ready to be inside someone's hole. For now, it'll be my hand, though. I went slowly with it, seeing Zoey poke her clit with the dildo. At first, she reacted like she was shocked, and carried on until she was wet enough to take the toy. Slowly, she inserted it on her snatch, inch by inch.

I followed her slow movements, wishing it was my dick instead of that fake. Or maybe wishing that I was fucking her ass while she fucked herself... And, of course, wishing it was me the one filming the whole thing. I let out some sighs as I kept jerking off, switching my gaze from the screen to the door, and back to the screen, always at guard. At this point, my hand was wrapped all over my shaft, and I couldn't stop. In a complete state of relaxation, I forgot all my tasks. They've been reduced to one: to cum on her breasts.

That's easier said than done, though, as she must be working right now. However, I still have an entire day ahead.

After a while, she switched sides and spread her buttcheek to allow for a good view of her ass. I wanted to reach into the screen and pull that plug out. She spanked herself and picked up the speed, only for the dildo to fall. She took that pause to pull her plug out and finger her ass. She did it for a while, before poking her butthole with the dildo.

And then, she inserted it. She went slowly, taking her time with it. After all, anything that goes into her ass is always a tight fit.

I kept jerking off as she moaned louder and went harder. She changed positions once again, and used one hand on her pussy while the other was in total control of the dildo. After a while, she started to shiver, so she went faster. I too was feeling every inch of my body tingling, my breath becoming irregular, and my moans becoming slightly louder. And, just at the same time as her, I came, right when someone knocked on the door.


I was still in the middle of the climax, shooting loads and loads all over as whomever it was waited not so patiently for an answer.

"Boss?" they said, knocking for the fourth time.

"Hold on!"

Though I finished, my penis was still hard enough to be visible, even under my skirt. I tried my best to hide it, but even underneath a black hipster, the bulge was still noticeable. So, I tried to leave my crotch behind anything that could hide it, in a manner that resembled more censorship on a comedy film. It was when I heard a fifth knock when I opened the door.


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